1. The new and better Motherhood goes to Sussex #mightymightymums #shiftybitscult

  2. All cats removed, all secrets revealed this week #shiftybitscult #bigb3rtha

  3. Exotic Road Bingo to occupy our minds #brywins #mightymightymums #longdrivehome

  4. On our way to ECMW with @kelseymbrennan and Honda Hank #ecmwmnb2014 #mightymightymums #shiftybitscult

  5. On our way to ECMW with @kelseymbrennan and Honda Hank #ecmwmnb2014 #mightymightymums #shiftybitscult

  6. LOL #shiftybitscult #lookoutworld

  7. shiftybits:


    Friday the 28th at The Capital Complex, Fredericton. 

    go here

  8. Some valensday cards for Friday night at the Cap #shiftybitscult #whatislove #babydonthurtme

  9. The CHSR studios took a lot of water damage this January. This show is being held to raise money to fix that place up and you should come because local radio is really important. $5 at the door.

  10. Progress on a poster for #shiftybitscult ‘s valentine’ hip hop night. Watch out. @stephenherointhebooth

  11. benjaminwilliamallain:

    Crooning crones

    A set of 54 prints, playing card size. The back of the cards will be silkscreen-or-linoleum printed. The deck will likely be thick, maybe even play-able! But, a unique thing nonetheless, and everyone could always use a new deck.

    Pre-ordering gets you a set for WHATEVER YOU THINK IS FAIR. 

    The cards ought to be back to me from the printers in mid-february. They are printing the face-sides on sheets of paper. Once I recieve them I’ll silkscreen my pattern on the back, cut them all out, package them real neat and send them to you. Pay-what-you-feel… I ask for at least postage and the cost of the original prints, which will be roughly $20. But I mean…it’s 54 prints…twosided. AND a deck of cards to boot!
    Write me on my Facebook page:
    or at benjamin.allain@gmail.com.

    paypal or e-transfers prefered to benjamin.allain@gmail.com     

  12. 'Diamonds & Gold' CDs now for sale at shows.

  13. Ol’ Willie Nelson at Pepper’s last night. Fredericton tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #niftyshiftytour #yolo

  14. Smokes burns holes in souls #niftyshiftytour #planb #monkeytown

  15. Baby Eagle playing silence/love to a silent loving crowd #shiftybitscult